Welcome to my world….

For a while now I have had several friends urge me to write a blog and my response has always been ‘but what would i write about?’ The response is always the same ‘YOU! You and your cute little outings, in your cute little Kate outfits, having your tea parties and buying everything British you can find’ and i have always resisted thinking that wasn’t very interesting and no one could possibly want to read about that! But possibly i was wrong. I was interesting enough to be featured in two magazines this year, a British magazine called Bella and Australian Womans day where i was interviewed about my obsession of all things British and my love for the Royals and Kate Middleton fashion and featured in some of my Replikates.

The other objection I had was having to regularly turn out posts which might make the passions and interests  i have and love turn into hard work, but as the saying goes find something that you love to do and you will never work a day in your life. So the things that i love are Royal watching, anything to do with the Duchess of Cambridge, finding the best British products like Emma Bridgewater pottery, Jo Malone fragrances and Fortnum and Masons jam, cooking, eating, entertaining, high teas, picnics, all with a British twist. So those will be the things i write about along with giving you a regular glimpse into my Kate Middleton inspired wardrobe. I also love to connect with people online who share those same interests so hopefully this blog will enable me to find a few new friends that i would have otherwise not come across. So please feel free to drop me a line, introduce yourself or share any suggestions you have and i hope you enjoy my world……





6 thoughts on “Welcome to my world….

  1. OMG!!!!! When I posted my first blog I didn’t have the whole “Kate” thing in my mind, I just wanted something to DO with my life. A lady in Sydney, fashion and travel blogger, Abbey Neeham (www.meerustyle.com) said it was my calling, and now it is my turn to say, THIS is YOUR calling!!!!! hehehehe I will be following you from now ON, and forever!!!! ❤ heheheh I wish I had the whole being featured in a magazine thing too, but its impossible when you live in the country! Can't WAIT to move!!!!!


  2. Loving this blog and your Instagram! I love the Duke and Duchess! I live in Florida and my family always makes fun of me that I am obsessed with everything Royal. I love your “Kate” inspired outfits, you put a lot of thought into getting each look right and it shows. Really enjoying your blog. =)

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    1. Thanks, i’m glad you are enjoying the blog. How wonderful it is now with the internet that all of us Royal fans can find each other, particularly for those with friends and family who don’t understand the obsession!

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