The Amazing Day I Saw Kate!

Whether you have a Kate Middleton specific obsession or are an avid long-term Royal watcher, you had better be getting some early nights and eating your greens as in a little over a week we will be n the midst of the most anticipated event for any royal watcher, the olympics for all Royal fans, the Royal tour. If you are lucky enough to be in Canada this means long hours standing in all elements of weather to catch a glimpse of our favourite Royals or if you are outside of Canada it means very late nights or possibly setting your alarm for the middle of the night so you can cath a glimpse of our favourite Duchess’s newest outfit whilst hoping it is both affordable and still available! This also seemed liked the perfect time to share my own Royal watching experience of seeing Kate and Will during the Australian Royal tour in 2014.


My good friend Rachael and I headed to Manly beach at 5:30 am despite the Royals not being due til 4pm as they had other engagements earlier in the day of visiting the Royal Eater show and Bear cottage. It appeared we were the first people there so promptly headed to a local cafe for some breakfast (this would be the only thing we would consume all day, the unglamorous side of Royal watching is that if you do bag that front row spot you will lose it immediately if you need to go to the bathroom so we actually went the next 8 hours standing in the sun and not drinking, even water, about 10 minutes before the Royals arrived a woman actually fainted and was tsken away by Ambulance). After fuelling up for the day ahead we headed down to the beach where we ran into another two Royal watchers who had made the welcome Cambridge’s sign pictured and Talitha Cummins, a Australian news presenter who was doing the Channel 7 weather feeds live from the beach. We were promptly recruited to be the ‘royal fan crowd’ in the background of her segment which was a really fun start to the day. 

Around 10am the security and police teams arrived to set up the barriers and secure the area prior to the Royals arriving. Being the first two to arrive we were able to seure a front row spot in the best location, we had the only spot where you could see the Royals arrive and also whilst they were down on the beach. The whole day had a really fun and carnival like atmosphere, we met lots of lovely Royal watchers and local media celebrities and the long wait was more than worth it.


My first glimpse of Kate was very exiting and quite emotional, i actually cried a little. Both William and Kate got out of the cars and walked straight past us to the beach. The above photos are not zoomed in at all, she was that lose. I was so excited at seeing Kate, i completley missed Will, i had to ask Rachael if she had seen him and she said ‘he has been standing next to Kate for the last 10 minutes’. They mingled on the beah for around 40 minutes and many will remember the outing is famous for Kate running on the sand in heels! After the Royals left we were approached by Kate’s PA Rebecca Deacon we took the gift we had for Prince George, it was quite exiting to meet Rebecca! As we had placed our names and addresses on the gift about 2 months after the tour we both recieved the loveliest thank you notes from the palace.

If you are lucky enough to be in Canada and planning to see the Royals here is my best advice;

  • Be as early as possible, if you don’t get the front row your view will constantly be obstructed by other people’s cameras, ipads et
  • Try and find a friend to go with who loves the Royals as much as you do, the enjoyment of my experience would have been muh less I’m sure if I had not been with a good friend who was just as excited as i was
  • Take a gift, the Royals are much more likely to approach members in the crowd with gifts
  • Dont forget to write your name and address on the card to recieve a lovely post tour souvenir in the form of a thank you note
  • It will be a long wait so be prepared, have snacks, water, headache tablets, sunscreen, rain protection

5 thoughts on “The Amazing Day I Saw Kate!

  1. Love your blog. Keep them coming. If they ever come back to Australia I will travel to where ever they are just to get to see them in person. I think I to will get a bit emotional getting to see them up close

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  2. What great shots!!!!! Sooo jealous!!!! hehehe My dream is to meet her!!!! I cannot wait for the day I visit England!!! Would be TOTALLY amazing!!!! I doubt they will ever come to Merredin, but maybe when I move to Perth they might visit….. Will be on the lookout when they visit Perth!!!! ❤


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