Inside My Wardrobe- The Dress That Started It All

After Prince William announced his engagement to Miss Catherine Middleton in November 2010, my level of interest in the soon to be Princess and the British Royal family was steadily increasing. I was buying every magazine that Kate graced the cover of and browsing online style galleries daily to take some general fashion inspiration from Kate. By the time the wedding rolled round I had grown my brunette locks long enough to curl the ends and would browse any shop I went in to for wedges and wrap dresses. It was not until June 2011 though that my interest in Kate would grow substantially from the point of inspiration to emulation.


The dress that would change it all for me was the Temperley Moriah dress that Kate wore as a newly wed to Wimbledon. A stunning white, tiered tennis style dress with scalloped shoulders, the dress was a work of art. Sporting the most amazing Chelsea blow dry, debuting her newly remodeled sapphire earrings that had once belonged to Princess Diana and a new chunky bracelet that held a single charm, a disc that was engraved with Kate’s new royal insignia, she was the epitome of chic, modern, occasion dressing.

As perfect as her outfit, accessories and hair were (and they were perfect!) they were not the only things to envy that day. What was most striking about the photographs of Kate that day was how truly happy and in love her and Prince William were. Newly weds of just under two months, the two beamed and shone with happiness, with everyone in the world watching them, they only had eyes for each other. Having just gotten engaged in December 2010 and planning to marry in December 2011, it was this newly wedded blissful happiness that I most hoped I could one day emulate.


The next day I bought my very first replikate, a Anne Klein black and white O pattern dress from E bay that was a perfect copy of a Zara dress that Kate had worn prior to her marriage and to a friends wedding, post her own marriage. It would take me a full two years though before I could get my hands on the perfect copy of Kate’s beloved white, tiered tennis dress.

I found my perfect copy on Shop Kate’s closet, a Facebook page created by Susan who runs the premier Kate fashion blog, What Kate Wore. Shop Kate’s closet is a place where any person can try and sell a Kate item or two from their own personal wardrobe as well as posting ‘in search of’ posts for beloved items they are trying to add to their own collections. The dress I purchased had been a copy that was custom made for another replikater who shortly after discovered she was pregnant and figured she would never fit into it again so she offered it for sale. Despite being a copy and not the real item, I could not more pleased with my dress and it remains one of my most favorite outfits.


A week after it arrived was Valentines day and my husband had organised a special surprise date in Melbourne, where we went punting in the botanical gardens followed by a lovely afternoon high tea, a perfect and thoughtful date for someone as British obsessed as I am, so I like to think I have the happy marriage part of the outfit down pat as well.



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