Behind The Scenes Of My Photo Shoot With Woman’s Day

Earlier this year I did an interview with a British magazine called Bella about my extensive collection of Kate clothing. As part of that story I was asked to send in some photographs of my Kate outfits to prove I did in fact own them. So that weekend I put on some of my favorite outfits and my husband took a few happy snaps against a blank wall in our home, little did I know that these snaps would be printed in the magazine. After the story ran in Bella I was approached by an Australian Magazine called Woman’s Day who also wanted to feature me in their magazine- this time with one amazing difference, Woman’s day wanted to do a professional photo shoot in my Kate outfits. The only answer was YES!

Knowing this was a once in a lifetime experience, my mum flew up from Sydney to enjoy the day with me and she took the behind the scenes photographs used in this post. It turned out to be an incredibly long 8 hour day so I was extremely grateful to have her there with me for support.

After I completed the interview via phone I spent 2-3 weeks going backwards and forwards with the photo shoot coordinator via email and phone. Again, I needed to provide photographs of myself wearing outfits seen on Kate coordinated with their matching accessories (think LK Bennett clutches) and jewelry. Then I needed to provide photographs of the rooms, furniture, British and Royal themed items and exterior of my home before the shoot was finally booked and I was provided with a call sheet which planned out all of the details for the day including which outfits they wanted to feature. The booking assistant asked me if I had ever done a magazine photo shoot before and my response was obviously no before adding with a laugh that i was just a regular person. ‘Well, be prepared’ was her response, ‘they an be quite the production’.

The day started at 11am when the hair and make up artist arrived. She initially spent about an hour getting me ready for the shoot but then stayed for the entire day in order to do touch ups of makeup throughout the day and also to constantly run in and move my hair when it was blown in the wind in the outdoor shots or just fell the wrong way.


The next to arrive at 11:30 were two stylists who set about creating 3 scenes around the home. They turned my spare room into a large walk in closet space, created a tea setting downstairs in the living area and lastly a reading corner area. They brought props with them but in the end just used a few of their own flowers, bunting and hat boxes using my own items in the shoot.

The photographer and assistant were the next to arrive at around 12:30 and so would begin the next 6 hours of outfit changes and photo taking. We started off photographing the Zimmermann dress and of course it was coordinated with the Minx wedges and Natalie clutch that Kate used when she wore the dress on Good Friday, 2014, when she wore the dress to the Royal Easter show in Sydney. We took my dog to a local park and the photographs were supposed to look like i was casually walking my dog. Its probably the most dressed up in history anyone has gotten to walk their dog.

After that we returned home and I wore various outfits including the Tabitha Webb Meg space dress, the Tory Burch Paulina dress and the LK Bennett Cayla dress, in various scenes, looking through my clothing and wardrobe, sitting down to tea and reading books and magazines about Kate and shopping online for Kate clothing.


Although it was a very long day (the best advice I got from the photographer was to not smile in between photographs and by about the third hour I understood sine my whole face ached) it was a fantastic once in a lifetime experience that i am so glad I had. The response I got from people when they heard about or saw the article was overwhelmingly positive and for just one day i got to feel what it was like to be a Celebrity or what it is Kate must go through on a daily basis to get ready for her appearances.



3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of My Photo Shoot With Woman’s Day

  1. Great article! And you look beautiful even in the candids! Thanks for writing this post – it was very interesting and definitely a peek into something I’ll never have experience with. Fun!!


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