Inside My Wardrobe- The Tory Burch Coat I Wore All Over London

Seeing all of the wonderful pictures of Kate looking stunning as usual on the London Eye last week has made me quite reminiscent of my own trip to London at Christmas last year and one particular Tory Burch coat that seemed to see a lot of fabulous Kate related sites.

Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers Kate has worn. I had never heard of the brand until Kate stepped out in her Tory Burch Paulina dress on Georges play date in New Zealand but as soon as I saw that dress it was love at first sight! Tory Burch is the only designer Kate has worn more than once where I can proudly boast that I own every piece Kate does, or at least the ones she has worn publicly. When I was packing for my London holiday I knew I had to take my Tory Burch Bettina coat, a beautiful grey tweed coat that Kate had worn whilst attending a basketball game in New York in 2014. The boucle fabric is woven with the most wonderful bits of metallic yarn which gives the coat a real sparkly, shimmery effect, perfect to wear with a background of London Christmas lights and festivities.


My first London stop in the coat was Kensington Palace, which is also where Will and Kate’s official London residence is. Whilst you can’t actually get anywhere their apartment there are several wonderful exhibits inside the palace you are able to visit. The first is Victoria revealed, an exhibit which showcases many of the rooms where Queen Victoria grew up including the red room where she held her first privy council meeting when she became Queen. The exhibit also includes many personal items and clothing worn by Queen Vitoria and her husband Albert and is a real must for history buffs.


The next must see exhibit is the fashion rules exhibition. The exhibit features gowns and clothing worn by Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana. There really seems to be a lack of memorials in London which capture the true essence and spirit of Princess Diana so it was wonderful to see some of her gowns.

Gowns that belonged to Diana


Any visit to Kensington Palace would not be complete without a stroll around the gardens (where Kate has been pictured walking Lupo herself) and stopping by the Orangery for a high tea. The Orangery is an elaborate greenhouse built in the style of an elegant palace by Queen Anne in 1704 in order to protect her citrus trees from the harsh London frosts. It  combines beautiful garden settings and graceful architecture which make it the perfect setting for an afternoon tea.


The next Kate related spot I visited in the coat was Westminster Abbey. Now I’m sure everyone reading this will remember the association Westminster Abbey has with Kate, being the spot where she was married to Prince William on the 29th of April 2011. This made the stunning gothic style church, a must visit place for me, however I was unprepared for how much Royal history is actually associated with the Abbey and how grand and beautiful it was.


Before visiting Westminster Abbey I knew that some Royals and notable British citizens had been buried there but the sheer scale of the number of tombs and memorials was quite overwhelming. You cannot walk 3 feet inside without stepping on a memorial or grave site. As a huge fan of historical fiction written by Philippa Gregory I was enthralled to see the tombs of Elizabeth the I, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth of York and Mary Tudor among hundreds of others. It was the surprise highlight of the  trip to London. The courtyard of the Abbey also provides excellent views of the London Eye (which we were to ride on the next day) with Big Ben.



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