Writing To The Royal Family

There are few things in life that can bring as much joy to a Royal watcher quite like the arrival of mail from the palace.

As soon as you pick the envelope up out of the mail box , you can feel that it is something special and not just a bank statement or water bill.

Looking at the envelope there is special postmark from Buckingham Palace and the insignia of the Royal you have written to.

I have been lucky enough to receive mail from Will and Kate’s office on three occasions.


The first time I received mail from the office of William and Catherine was after the Aus/NZ tour.

Fellow Royal watcher Rachael had organised a gift for us to give to the couple for Prince George and she had written our names and addresses in the card.

We had waited for 8 hours on good Friday at Manly beach to see the Royals and were lucky enough to meet Rebecca Deacon, Kate’s assistant, who took the gift from us.

Approximately 2 months later we both received a wonderful personalized thank you note and postcard which had been sent out by the William and Kate to thanks those who had written to them on the occasion of Prince Georges birth.

I have also received another two of these photographic printed post cards earlier this year in response to a Christmas card I sent the family and birthday card I sent to Kate.


If you would like to receive your own Royal mail, Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to send a quick card with some well wishes included to your favorite Royals.

However you are able write to the Royals at any time throughout the year, I have a friend who wrote to Kate a few years ago to ask about the brand of a pair of boots she wore and I also know other people who have sent a wedding invitation to the Queen, Charles and Camilla and Will and Kate.

Whilst they obviously cannot attend private weddings the sender did receive a lovely letter from the Royals offices wishing her well in her upcoming marriage which makes a lovely souvenir of the wedding for any Royalist.

If you do wish to receive a response it is important to  remember the Royals are unable to comment on any political or controversial world events or personal disputes.

However, apart from that, as long as the letter or card is respectful you are likely to receive a response. Below you will find the addresses to send your mail to.

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Clarence House

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Kensington Palace

3 thoughts on “Writing To The Royal Family

  1. This is so neat! I never knew you could write to them. I’d write to them if the holidays weren’t over already. I know that you can write to Disney characters too but I’ll have to look into it more. 🙂


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