A Middleton Style Christmas

There have been many news reports this week that suggest the Cambridge family will not be attending the Queens Christmas celebration at Sandringham but will be celebrating privately at Kate’s family estate in Buckleberry. Thanks to Kate’s sister Pippa’s event planning book Celebrate, we have a bit of insight into how the Middleton family celebrates Christmas, through the book itself and some publicity interviews Pippa gave at the time of the books release. Read on to find my top tips on how to add that Middleton touch to your own festivities.


Stir Up Sunday Weekend

Stir up Sunday weekend traditionally occurs on the last Sunday before the start of the advent calendar, so the last weekend in November. It is a terrific time to get everyone together for some quality family time and get prepared for the busy Christmas season which will  follow.

Traditionally the weekend is used to make the Christmas pudding however it can also be used as a time to make a variety of Christmas crafts such as home-made cards and crackers or Bon bons. In her book Celebrate, Pippa recalls the best thing about Christmas was the anticipation and she remembers spending her December weekends as a child making cards, decorating the tree and making brandy butter and peppermint creams. These are traditions Kate will likely continue with George and Charlotte.

Make Edible Gifts

Do you have family and friends that your just not sure of what to give them for gift? Do you have in-laws that seem to have everything already? Surely this is a dilemma that Kate must have felt her first Christmas as a royal in 2011. During the documentary made to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday, Kate revealed that for her first Christmas at  Sandringham she gave the Queen a jar of homemade chutney  and the next day it was on the table for the Royals to use. A homemade edible gift will make a thoughtful and personalised impression and Pippa’s book is jam-packed full of recipes for edible gifts including gingerbread stars, peppermint creams and her grandmothers chutney recipe.


Stick To A Traditional Colour Scheme

Pippa has stated that she prefers a Christmas table of rich reds and evergreens with touches of gold as it makes her feel very nostalgic of her childhood so it’s fairly safe to assume that is the colour scheme Carole Middleton will have the house decorated in this year. She has also said that around Christmas bowls of walnuts, clementines and shiny gold wrapped chocolates popped up around the house. If you are not familiar with Emma Bridgewater pottery you should definitely take a peek right now during the  Christmas sale. They have beautiful glass bowls etched with the words walnuts and clementines as well as beautiful Christmas pottery in colours of red and green decorated with wreaths, holly and robins to add that traditional touch to your Christmas table next year.

Keep One Meal Simple

Pippa has stated that her family always has a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and plenty of coffee and a proper sit down roast dinner with all the trimmings at night but their lunch is a simple ploughman’s style meal in the afternoon so that the family can make the most of the daylight hours. Whether you choose to make your main meal lunch or dinner, keeping the other meal a simple help yourself ploughman’s buffet allows you to spend extra time with friends and family and allows you to enjoy a traditional Christmas ham.


Don’t Forget To Have Some Family Fun

As mentioned the Middleton’s choose to have their main meal at dinner instead of lunch so they can make the most of the daylight hours and have some family fun and its important that we all do that as well, which can be easy to forget amidst the busyness of meal planning, cooking and trying to find the perfect gifts. The Middleton’s spend time together at Christmas by going on a long family walk after lunch and then enjoying post dinner games such as bouchon. They also  put together a jigsaw on christmas day which Pippa has said brother James always steals a piece of so he can be the person who always puts the last piece of the puzzle in, which she says annoys her greatly to this day! William and Kate are famed for their competitive streak and this seems to be a trait Kate shares with her Middleton siblings! A little more unusual tradition the family have though involves their father Michael Middleton who enjoys sneaking off and surprising the family every year by emerging in elaborate costumes, Pippa stated that a few years ago he came out dressed as a sumo wrestler which the family found quite funny.

However you and your family are chosing to celebrate this holiday season I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season!



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