The Reverse Bucket List

People either seem to love or hate New Years Eve. It is either a  time of great excitment, an opportunity to throw out bad habits and old grievances and start afresh and renewed in a New Year where anything is possible. New Years resolutions provide an opportunity for each of us to articulate the type of person we wish to become and a foundation for achieving goals. For some though, each New Years Eve is not a happy or exciting time. Weighed down by health concerns or trapped in an unhappy job or relationship, the thought of self-improvement can feel to overwhelming, or possibly, today is a day of reflection for you rather than planning, a day to look back on your past year or life and remember all the mistakes you have made, the chances you didn’t take or the resolutions you have not kept. So this year before I commit to writing down my resolutions for the upcoming year I am taking the time to reflect on my past and write a reverse bucket list.


Now I’m sure everyone is familiar with the concept of keeping a bucket list, a list of all the amazing things you want to do in your lifetime, usually involving travel and adventurous activities or pursuing personal goals which are important to you. The reverse bucket list is not a list of activities or goals you wish to accomplish but rather a list of amazing activities and goals you have already achieved.  2016 started off amazing for me, I spent January 1st in Paris, walking over the beautiful Parisian bridges, eating Nutella crepes and watching a new years day parade on the Champs Elyse. Honestly I thought that my year was all downhill from there but when I started to write my reverse bucket list I realised I had some amazing experiences this year including being interview and appearing in two women’s magazines, having a professional magazine photo shoot, starting a blog (which some people even read!!!) and celebrating 5 years of happy marriage. When  I looked back even further I found an endless amount of experiences and achievements I was extremely proud of and grateful for like swimming with dolphins, seeing the Duchess of Cambridge twice in person and  visiting Disneyland.


This New Years Eve please consider taking the time to reflect on the amazing life and experiences you have had and consider writing your own Reverse bucket list of 20 aachievements or experiences you have had. Your list should be personal and full of all the things that make you proud. It could include travel experiences, overcoming significant health or family crises, meeting educational goals etc. Nothing is a silly inclusion, we all come from different backgrounds and have different values and priorities, if it makes you feel proud and happy, it merits inclusion on your list. Then if you still feel the need to write resolutions, go ahead, but doesn’t it feel amazing to see how much you have already aachieved! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. I will see you next year!


3 thoughts on “The Reverse Bucket List

  1. This is absolutely fantastic, what a great idea!!!! I never thought of writing down what i have achieved already because when I do a list I tick the boxes off!!, and that leaves a sense of accomplishment – you have helped stretch my brain a bit as I can not think of 20 things, mine isn’t as great as yours so here goes.

    1. Had someone feature on my blog
    2. Go on a houseboat
    3. Add new tabs on my blog
    4. Move to a new suburb (Scarborough)
    5. Do a “Kate Middleton” royal engagement post
    6. Travel through Western Australia
    7. Make a list of 20 books to read
    8. Buy a “Replikate” dress
    9. Attend a writing workshop
    10. Travel to Port Douglas
    11. Work with a top company
    12. Write a list of travel dreams (where I particularly want to go in England)
    13. Do a special piece on V&A’s museum jewellery collection

    I can’t think of anything else, but you have seriously made me feel good about myself – so, a BIG thanks to you!!!! I hope you have a Happy New Year, and look forward to more of your amazing posts!!!

    For an actual bucket list I would like to probably be in england for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th wedding anniversary, if possible. If not then might do a stunning congratulatory card for her, and also another royal event to look forward to in 2017 is Princess Eugenie getting engaged, and if Prince Harry pops the question as predicted in Spring, then I hope to be at the wedding.


    By the way, your reverse bucket list is amazing!!!!! Mine is so crap compared to yours !!! haha!


    1. Never put yourself down, you have a fabulous list and if they are all things that make you feel proud and you enjoy they should definitely be there. Now you need to keep this list and every NYE add 5 things to it from that, with all your special plans though you may need to add much more. Happy new year!

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  2. You’ve done a lot! On my list I have:

    1) Coming up on two years of blogging.

    2) Held a job for a year and a half

    3) Own several replikates and copykates.

    4) Starting my own business.

    5) Bought my first Christmas tree, owned exclusively by me.

    6) Got an Instagram account.

    7) Finally found a corrector/concealer that works well for my stubborn dark circles.

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