Inside My Wardrobe- Kate & Kylie Love Houndstooth!

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been known to be a fan of houndstooth print, being snapped wearing it as far back as early 2007 when she was dating William and having several pieces of clothing in houdstooth print she has worn on official Royal outings. Today I am showing you my Royally inspired houndstooth wardrobe which includes ASO items and a much cheaper inspired by Replikate.


The first houndstooth item I added to my wardrobe was the Reiss coat Kate wore in December 2015 to visit Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies in Wiltshire, England. The coat was on a half price sale at the time and quickly sold out online. Luckily I headed to London mid December and was able to find the coat in store at Reiss, Covent Garden. It was the first souvenir of my trip to London.

The next houndstooth item I added to my wardrobe was a midi skirt which was inspired by the Le kilt  skirt Kate wore. I fell completely in love with Kate’s look but needed to find an alternative as her skirt came with a price tag of over $900. I saw this houndstooth midi skirt featured on Replikate Facebook site, My take on Kate Middleton from British brand Simply be and with a price tag of under $30, thought it was perfect to pull of an inspired by look. I got lots of compliments whenever I wear this outfit.


Lastly I added the Ralph Lauren Houndstooth dress Kate wore back in September 2015. As soon as the first photos of Kate emerged in this dress I knew I just had to have it so I stayed up late waiting on the ID. Unfortunately it came with a price tag of over $1500 so I wasn’t able to add it to my wardrobe for another few months, when I purchased one at a significantly reduced price on eBay.

I’m interested to know how many of you have made Kate inspired houndstooth purchases and what you have bought?


3 thoughts on “Inside My Wardrobe- Kate & Kylie Love Houndstooth!

  1. Did you mean ASOS items!!? Or, what is ASO? My dream is to shop at Reiss and especially go on a shopping spree in London! As I type I have confessions of a shopaholic on! My name could be Becky Bloomwood! 😝😝 Is the name of the Facebook site called “Replikate Facebook”? I am sssoooo looking that up!!!! I’ve never had houndstooth fashion items. So, may have a look around on the internet! 🙂


    1. Hi, I was just reading your blog when your comment popped up! ASO, it means as seen on, so the exact same brand and item as opposed to a look alike, so the dress and coat are ASO and the midi skirt isn’t. The replikate facebook site is called ‘my take on Kate Middleton’ there are quite a few though you can check out, another one is called Kate’s closet, she will post links to the real items and also good look a likes. It was great shopping in London, I went to Reiss, LK Bennett, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, John Lewis, oh now your making me want to plan another holiday!!!!

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      1. Awesome!!!! I just started following Replikate Me and noticed you follow too! Aawww thanks for reading! I do follow Kate’s Closet, I mainly have gotten both my replicas from looking on there. I love how they have heaps of choices of different brands. Aaaww! I feel like a London holiday now! Ssoooo bad!!!! Hehehe ❤😝


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