Inside My Wardrobe- My Royal Tour Of Paris


Never have I been more excited about any Royal tour then the upcoming mini tour the Duke and Duchess are planning in March to Paris. In the lead up to this exciting event I am sharing some pictures, memories and of course replikates from my own Royal tour of Paris (or vacation as non Duchesses in training call it!)

In December 2015 I was lucky to be spending a wonderful two weeks visiting London and Paris over Christmas and new year. After arriving in Paris on the Eurostar and checking into our hotel that was marvelously positioned just near the Arc De Triomphe and the Champs Elysees we headed to a local Parisian bistro to sample the local cuisine and much to the amusement of the French locals we ordered escargot. It actually wasn’t to bad, tasting mainly of garlic and butter and I can be seen enjoying it below in one of my favorite Kate accessories, a Temperley lotus leopard print scarf that Kate was seen wearing at the Brisbane airport at the conclusion of the Asia and Pacific tour.


Our first full day in Paris was spent exploring the city and visiting many well-known sites including the Arc De Triomphe, strolling down the Champs Elysse and stopping at Laduree for the most amazing macarons, the Eiffel Tower and the most amazing shopping mall I have ever been to, Galeries Lafayette. I can be seen enjoying the sights below in my Tory Burch Bettina coat that Kate wore during the mini tour of New York.

Completely accidentally I stumbled across a coat seen on Kate whilst shopping at Galeries Lafayette, which I had to buy as it had long been a favorite of mine and it is my favorite souvenir of the trip. Can you guess whats in the shopping bag here at this picture taken at the Moulin Rogue?


That night I wore my Seraphine Vanessa dress to see the show at the Lido which was perfect for the middle of winter weather.

The next evening we had a booking for restaurant 58 and returned to the Eiffel tower for the most wonderful experience. When we visited the Eiffel tower on our first day we were informed the wait time to go up was 5 hours plus and nobody wants to waste a precious day of a vacation in Paris  waiting in line, with a restaurant booking though the wait was only half an hour so I would highly recommend making a booking. The food, atmosphere and views of Paris were amazing and it is really a must do experience!

The next day I wore my brand new replikate purchase from Galeries Lafayette, Kate’s Seraphine Marina coat she wore upon arrival in New York and visited the former home of that first Royal IT girl, Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles.

The next day was New Years eve and we had a wonderfully full day visiting the Louvre, strolling over the many beautiful bridges of Paris and placing our own love lock on one and wandering through the Christmas markets.On this day I wore the Reiss Rubik coat that Kate had been seen wearing a few times earlier that month that I had picked up from the Reiss Covent Garden store the previous week in London.

Whilst Will and Kate won’t be in Paris to see the many tourist spots I am hoping for just one picture of Kate with the Eiffel tower in the background and am looking forward to seeing if she wears any new French designers or how she will use fashion to pay homage to the visited country as she has done during previous tours. Where in Paris would you like to see Kate visit?




2 thoughts on “Inside My Wardrobe- My Royal Tour Of Paris

  1. aawww I loooove this! I had dinner with my Mum’s friend from when she went to boarding school and she is a journalist. I wanted to ask about journalism courses but I forgot! Would you recommend a particular university? Even if it is in Perth? I have soooo much I want to do and I haven’t even started Semester 1 of Library Studies this year! haha! But the more I do things the more I get excited. I thought living in Perth I would have so much more going on, and would be exhilarating and exciting everyday, haha but it’s not really like that. LOL! I am most interested in journalism since starting my blog, and it would be a BONUS for you! I love your purple tweed jacket, and I love seeing all your different outfits/replica’s. I am envious of your wardrobe! haha! But I’m glad to at least have some replica’s. A lot of girls love to talk about ‘royal wardrobe’s’, so it is a VERY good topic for a blog – Sometimes I wish I had more replica’s, but I can only work with what I’ve got! hehehe I want to get the purple lace dress (I think its Dolce and Gabbana), and the red midi Preen Finella dress, once I save up will get that or MIGHT do a thoughtful post even if my Mum can make it for me!

    I seriously think that if I meet you, we would talk all things Kate! 😛


    1. Hi,

      I’m current studying through Griffith Uni, they do distance education so that’s great as it allows me to continue working full time. I’m sorry but having never lived in Perth I’m not really familiar with the universities there.

      My collection of replikates is quite large but in another 3 months I will have my 6th year replikating anniversary! My collection is a mix of real items seen on Kate and things I have had made or copies so definitely if your able to have something made it can really be a cheaper option for the high end designers. My Preen Finella dress is a custom made copy.

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