The Best Buy Guide For Breakfast At Tiffany’s Fans

I’m sure I’m not the only replikater who was inspired by Kate’s fashion choices last week to spend a bit of my weekend indulging in my love for Audrey Hepburn by spending Sunday morning enjoying coffee, croissants and of course watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I also spent a large portion of the weekend searching online for the perfect navy hat replikate for Kate’s beautiful Lock and co Tiffany hat, whilst not having much success I did come across many wonderful Breakfast at Tiffany’s products which I’m sharing the best of below. So go on and indulge your inner Holly Golightly!


The Hat

audrey hat

I can’t think of a more iconic fashion moment on film then the fabulous wide black drop brim hat with white silk scarf that Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Dramatic, memorable and ever so stylish, it perfectly contrasted with her delicate facial features to create a timeless look.

utopiat hat

There were many replicas of this hat on sites such as etsy and eBay and lots that came in packs of Holly Golightly costumes, but if your actually wanting one to wear as a regular part of your wardrobe and not just as  a one-off to a dress up party, I think this one from Amazon is the best. Sold by Utopiat, it is described by them as ‘a true labour of love and has taken 2 years to finally perfect to become what we believe to be the most accurate and beautiful rendition of this gorgeous hat’. See the link below;

The Sleep Mask

audrey mask

Remember the scene where Holly first meets Paul. When she answers her door dressed in a white tuxedo shirt,  purple tassel ear plugs and the most darling blue sleep mask with gold braid trim, rhinestones and eyelash fringe. Now you can own your own fabulous copy.

sleepy cottage

Again, I found many copies of the mask but the one that seems to made out of the best quality materials and bears the best resemblancece to the original is this one from sleepy cottage and it’s below $30. check it out here;

tiffany set.jpg

Not satisfied with just the mask and after the whole set? Not problem! Buy the whole set here, the only difference is this comes with purple tasselled earrings instead of ear plugs.


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