20 Facts About Me

I was recently tagged in one of those 20 random facts posts and as there is simply not enough room to put 20 facts onto Instagram, I thought I would turn it into this week’s blog post. So, if you have ever wanted to find out more about me, read on………

1)People are shocked when they hear about my wedding. Everyone says that I am the most princessy person they have ever met and they can’t believe I didn’t have the full princess wedding. Hubby and I flew to Las Vegas and had the whole tacky Elvis Vegas wedding works!

2)Before I met my husband, when I was 26 and single, I bought my own house. A cute little two-bedroom townhouse. Don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t if you’re a young single woman.

3)For my day job, I work in recruitment. I’ve been with the same employer for 10 years, quite an achievement considering we move interstate every 3 years for my husband’s job.

4)I hate coffee! Detest it, I can’t even stand the smell. I’m a tea drinker all the way.



San Fran
Romantic San Francisco

5)I think San Francisco is the most romantic place in the world! I found it way more romantic then Paris.

Memorial at Harrods

6)I cried at the memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed at Harrods

7)I loved Princess Diana as a child but I don’t think of her as a real person like I do with Kate. Kate seems like someone I could go shopping with and to high tea with whilst Diana is larger than life. She is more like a fairy-tale Princess, like Cinderella or Snow White (despite her life being anything other than a happy fairy-tale)

Fresh flowers in the house are a must!

8)I love to have fresh flowers in the house. My favourite are peonies but they are only in season for about 5 weeks of the year. The rest of the year I will buy tulips when in season or roses. If money wasn’t an issue I would have fresh bouquets of different flowers in every room of the house all year long!

9)My husband is the third man I have dated, as they say the third time lucky.



A Charlie action shot in his younger years

10)My fur baby Charlie turns 16 this year. He is a bit of a miracle, having survived an aggressive form of Cancer 2 and a half years ago. At them time we were told it would be a miracle if we still had him in 8 months’ time.

Relaxed and happy on vacation in Vanuatu

11)My happiest memories are all on holidays. Whether its eating clam chowder in San Francisco, drinking champagne in Buckingham Palace or swimming in waterfalls in Vanuatu, I have a real passion for travel. My husband and I have made the decision not to go on any more trips though whilst we have Charlie as he is too old to go into vacation care.

12)I find it impossible to sleep in past 6:30 in the morning, even on the weekends or on vacations, it drives my husband nuts

13)I got excited when I read the news reports that linked Prince Harry and actress Emma Watson, I thought they would be perfect together. As we now know this was all gossip. When news reports broke, that Harry was dating Meghan Markle I thought it was all gossip again and didn’t read any of it. That was until Kensington palace released that press statement…..

14)I have been reading a lot of classic literature this year and am currently reading Anne of Green Gables. The biggest lesson I am learning from this book is I have a highly-underutilised imagination which I really should put to better use!


15)My most expensive replikate purchase was a DVF Simyonette coat I bought from EBay. I had just gotten my tax return and I bought it the week of my birthday so my husband chipped in as well, I think he was glad to not have to come up with a present of his own that year. Sometimes I look at the coat and think it should be on display in a museum.

16)My replikate obsession goes beyond clothing and accessories to household goods. My house is full of Emma Bridgewater pottery and Jo Malone washes and candles just like Kate used at her wedding.

17)Whenever Prince Harry comes on TV my husband and I get into a fight about who his father is, it gets heated and I usually end up storming out of the room! Thankfully it’s just about the only thing we fight about

18)I met Tabitha Webb at her store in London

19)Our whole house is slowly being changed to shabby chic décor. Expect a few upcycling posts to come soon as I am obsessed with turning all our furniture white. It just makes all the rooms look so much brighter and lighter.

20)My husband says that teapots are slowly taking over the house but 7 isn’t that much……. What do you think? Feel free to share your own random facts below!


Kylie XO


10 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. I love number 6. For number 14 you HAVE to add The Secret Garden, although I’m not sure if that is more “junior” fiction even though I am reading it as an adult, the writing style is stunning. And I can’t believe you don’t drink coffee!!!!!! I love both! Hehehe tea and coffee ☕️ what a great post! 👌


  2. Hey Kylie! Loved getting to know you a little better. Laughed a few times, and a few facts interested me! Your husband sounds a bit like my husband 😉 He likes it when I give him ideas of things to buy haha! Also, my husband knows I love white furniture and will jokingly tell me each time I go to buy something “that’s not very French!” or “shabby chic” haha!! I mostly just have replikate jewellery at the moment but can’t wait to start getting some fashion! With my student income, I’ve not had a lot left over for Sebago Balas and DVF Patrice dresses 😉 Some interesting facts about me…..
    – I’ve ALWAYS loved the royals, I’m 26 now but when I was at school I covered my desk in Princess Diana pictures that I had cut out from magazines. I had just turned 7 when she died and my step-sister said it was as if someone close to me had died. I used to sit in the school library and read every book about her many, many times.
    – My first and middle names are Elizabeth Mary, I always thought that was so posh and royal like 😉
    – I also can’t stand coffee!! I’ve had a mocha once and I shook for two hours ahhahahahaha.
    – Paris is my dream holiday destination! I’ve wanted to go since I was 11. We’ve done lots of travelling the last few years but haven’t got there yet. Although my husband said in his wedding vows that he would take me! We are planning to go before we have kids!
    – I secretly wish that Princess Charlotte was named Elizabeth haha
    – Prince George was born on my birthday!
    – The day that Kate and Wills were doing a walk-about in my hometown, I was planning to go but my Aunty rang me the night before and desperately needed me to work for her. I didn’t want to let her down so I did work for her but I still regret not going in to see them 😦
    – I toured Government House here in Wellington and saw the suite that Kate, William and baby George stayed in when they stayed!

    Maybe that’s enough facts for now 😉 Haha can’t wait for a Kate Fans meet up in Aussie next year!

    Bye Kylie!



  3. I’ve enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you. These 20 facts are very interesting! Now I want to visit San Francisco too!


  4. Loved your post. Thank you for sharing! I have an unusual number of tea pots myself. What color scarf is in your DVF post? It’s from Pickett London right?


  5. Cool facts, Kylie!

    1) I’m a freelance makeup artist
    2) I’m a survivor of abuse and I have depression, complex PTSD, anxiety and suicide ideation.
    3) I love classical music and my favorite basso profundo singer is Joel Fredericksen.
    4) My favorite Royal biographer is Antonia Fraser.
    5) I have only visited three of the 7 continents so far.
    6) I like gardens, especially very large, grand gardens.
    7) I like deep, flavorful coffee.
    8) I like simple cakes such as pound cake and butter cake.
    9) I have two college degrees.
    10) I can speak some Spanish and Italian.
    11) Despite blogging about Kate’s jewelry and owning some imitations, I prefer to own the real deal replikates and not the copies or imitations. This may surprise some replikaters.
    12) I was trained as an EKG technician.
    13) I like poetry.
    14) I have two cats.
    15) I’ve only dated two people so far. I’m in my early 30s.
    16) I’ve never lived in a small town.
    17) I’ve met Debra Messing, and I once passed by Sarah Jessica Parker on the street.
    18) I rarely take selfies.
    19) My favorite supermodel is Stephanie Seymour.
    20) My hair is my best physical attribute.


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