Going To The Chapel And We’re……….

It was a great surprise to find out that we didn’t have to wait long to find out some of the details for the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle after yesterdays engagement announcement.

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Kensington Palace have confirmed the wedding will take place in May at St Georges Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The Palace confirmed the coupe choose it as their venue as it is very special to them, having spent much time there during their relationship. The proximity to Windsor Castle is also believed to make it much easier for the Queen and Prince Phillip to attend the wedding. It is likely to be easier to control security in Windsor as well then it is in London for all the politicians, foreign dignitaries and celebrities that will attend the wedding.

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The chapel, which seats 800 will be very familiar to regular Royal watchers, it was the site for Prince Edwards wedding to Sophie Rhys Jones and for Harry’s cousin, Peter Phillips wedding to Autumn Kelly.

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It has not been announced if the weeding will ne televised but the palace have advised that the coupe are looking at ways to make the public feel a part of the celebration.

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The Palace also confirmed that Meghan will be accompanying Harry on her first public engagement this friday!  She will undertake a number of engagements in Nottingham including her first walkabout, so it will be lovely to see her interact with local members of the British public and how they will react to her after some of the negative online reaction. They will then visit events associated with partonages Harry has long been passionate about including a ‘fun, upbeat event that will highlight the work to smash stigma that can still exist around HIV’ and a visit to Nottingham Academy to meet mentors from the Full Effect program established by the Prince in 2013.

It has been announced that Meghan will not be continuing her work with the United Nations but will be starting afresh as a Royal with new causes and patronages. I think its quite natural that she will get involved with issues Harry has long championed such as working with HIV patients and veterans. Given her cultural heritage and their mutual love of Africa it is likely she will eventually get involved with Harry’s charity work there, however I think in an attempt to ‘British’ her up a bit, the focus will exclusively be on local British charities and issues for the next several months. Once she has chosen a few organizations to work with I would also expect to see her take on a patronage that promotes the empowerment of women.

Are you looking forward to seeing Harry and Meghan on Friday?


Kylie XO



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