Teddies n Sweets British Tea Rooms

teddies 2
Luckily for the British at heart, there are many people looking for a comforting British fix so one can find a tea room or British pub just about anywhere these days. I am always on the lookout for authentic British themed places to visit and one of my favourites must be Teddies N Sweets British tea rooms in Brisbane.
A quaint little cottage style tea room and traditional British sweet store I have had the pleasure of visiting a few times for high tea and lunch and popped by this weekend for their reopening after undergoing a recent renovation where they added a sitting room area complete with decorative fireplace.

Post renovation the tea rooms have retained their British charm, the shop is still filled to the brim with Teddies that are on sale, British and royal themed souvenirs, think the Queens 90th birthday memorabilia and double decker bus teapots and a thank you note from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is framed proudly on the wall from where the owners sent a children’s book as a gift upon the birth of Prince George.

They serve breakfast, lunch and tea 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday. The food is simple home cooked British fare, with staples such as bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and my favourite the ploughman’s lunch. They offer a full dessert menu with delectable sweets such as bread and butter pudding, apple crumble and a traditional knickerbocker glory, always a delicious treat that I love after a beach front stroll along the Redcliffe pier which is just across the road from the tea rooms. For more special occasions you can even enjoy high tea. On my next visit, I plan to book the new sitting room area for just that.

With a full belly and smile on your face you can then browse through the gifts and teddies section, before purchasing some British sweets and grocery items to take home so you can keep enjoying your British fix once you return home.

Teddies n sweets is in the Cominos Arcade on Redcliffe Parade in Brisbane and you can phone them for bookings on (07) 3283 7327. You can also check out their website on http://www.teddiesnsweets.com.au/

Did you do anything to get your own British fix this weekend?



Putting Together The Perfect Ploughman’s Lunch

Are you having special family and friends over and looking for a wonderfully delicious British themed lunch without having to make a full traditional roast with all the trimmings? Maybe you are looking to maximise the time you can spend with your special guests rather than spending it preparing food or washing dishes or maybe a roast is just seasonally not appropriate? The perfect solution is to take out a nice wooden bread board and to put together a ploughman’s lunch!

A ploughman’s lunch could not be more simple to throw together. The most basic items that all Ploughman’s lunches must include are crusty bread, pickles and a sharp crumbly cheese. Take all of these essential ingredients and serve on a large wooden chopping board then add in a few other of your favourite foods such as sliced hard-boiled egg, ham, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chopped apple slices, pickled onions, char grilled capsicum, zucchini or eggplant.

Jamie Oliver


If you are planning to serve alcohol or looking to make this the most substantial meal of the day you could also add some cooked foods such as scotch eggs or little sausage rolls or add a pork pie.


All you need to serve is a bread and butter knife and a sandwich plate for each guest. Then just sit back and enjoy yourself as your guests help themselves to their favourite combinations. The communal, help yourself nature of a Ploughman’s lunch is wonderful for creating a casual atmosphere and feeling of togetherness which is great for catch ups with people you have not had the opportunity to see for a while.


The only other area to consider is which liquid refreshments you wish to serve with your ploughman lunch. Have a big jug of cooled lemonade available for children or designated drivers. A nice cold beer, cider or a jug of Pimm’s punch is perfect on a hot summers day!