My Favourite Royal Moments of 2016

2016 was a great year for Royal watchers, with multiple tours from our favourite Royals and a multitude of festivities planned in honour of the Queens 90th birthday, there was no shortage of the Royals being out and about. In today’s post I’m taking a look back at my top 5 Royal moments of 2016.


5. The Cambridge’s at Christmas

With the announcement that the Cambridge’s would be attending a private christmas with the Middleton’s and not be releasing a christmas portrait there were many of us who thought we would not see the family at all, however those who stayed online with hopes of a morning church appearance were heavily rewarded when the cambridges not only attended church with the littlest members of the family in tow but when Kate wore a $20 faux fur mini slot through collar from online retailer ASOS which was still available. A big shout out to Gemma from Food, Fash & Fit,  who so quickly made the ID and the christmas of everyone who was able to purchase it!


The christmas appearance was also significant as it was the first time Prince George and Princess charlotte had attended the christmas day service with their parents which was not expected until the children were a few years older.



4. Kate appears on the cover of Vogue

There aren’t many things that stay a secret in todays technological age without at least a few whispers or rumours leaking first but Kate’s collaboration with Vogue and the British National Portrait Gallery was a complete surprise when Vogue released the first images.

The collaboration came about as the gallery was holding an exhibit of portraits commissioned by Vogue in their 100th anniversary year. After many years of attempts to have Kate pose for the cover of Vogue she finally agreed, in support of the gallery of which she is a patron and to support the art of photography and portraiture which she has a long-term interest in. The photos were a wonderful collection of images which showcased her private country life and not the ball gown and glamour images many of us would have expected of a Royal featuring in Vogue.  What was most inspiring was to see how Kate’s confidence since becoming a Royal has grown to not only enable her to take on a projet such as this but to drive it so it remains true and authentic to herself and her personal style and life.



3. The Queen turns 90

Last year provided many specials moments in celebration of the Queens 90th birthday, from the release of special portraits with the Queen and her heirs, the 90th birthday spectacular held at Windsor castle, a documentary where we found out what Kate gave the Queen for christmas her first year as a Royal and the fabulous street party held at Buckingham Palace.


2. Kate hikes up a mountain and still looks perfect

Proving she was a great choice to star in this years London marathon ad as she is definitely fit enough to run one, Kate was left with not a hair out of place and barley broke a sweat during a 3 hour hike to a remote monastery during the Royal tour of Bhutan whilst Will appeared out of breath.



1. The Cambridge’s take a family vacation to the snow

My favourite Royal moment of 2016 was right at the start of year when they surprisingly released images taken on a private family vacation to the French Alps which was the first time the children had seen snow. Showing how much the children had grown and what a cheeky, playful and affectionate relation ship Will and Kate have, I think these photos are my favourite ever of the two as a couple.


Well that wraps up my favourite Royal moments of 2016. With Kate’s first appearance of the year scheduled for Tuesday  and with her taking on extra patronages as the Queen scales back i’m definitely looking forward to seeing whats in store for 2017!



My Favorite Royal Tour Outfits

Whilst we patiently wait for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to commence their second tour of Canada on Saturday (or Sunday morning if you happen to be in my time zone) I am taking a look back on my favorite outfits and moments from the previous Royal tours.

I cannot think of an event that I have looked forward to with more excitement than Will and Kate’s first tour of Canada and Los Angeles, including the Royal wedding. As magical and special as the wedding had been this would be not one, but ten full days of constant outfit changes, fabulous hairstyles and an endless supply of photos. At the time of the wedding I would say I had a renewed interest in the British Royal family that I had not had since the death of Princess Diana however it was not the full-blown Kate specific obsession which had developed within the two month period from the wedding to the tour.

Kate dazzles at the BAFTA Brits to watch ball

As exciting as the tour was for Royal watchers can you imagine how nervous (or possibly terrified?) Kate must have been? To be under constant international scrutiny for ten days, meeting everyone from heads of state to US movie stars, thousands in the crowd all calling out for her alone. I remember watching an interview a few weeks after the tour where Weeds actress Mary Louise Parker had talked about her experience of attending the BAFTA Brits to watch ball that Will and Kate had attended during the tour in LA. The event had been attended by many celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner and Blake Lively. Mary Louise Parker had stated that she, along with everyone else in attendance were incredibly excited to be meeting the Royals especially Kate and were waiting very patiently for the Royals to work their way through all the guests in attendance for their turn to greet the couple, that is until just before it was Mary Louise’s turn, when Jennifer Lopez barged her way through the crowd, knocking Mary Louise out-of-the-way and stealing her turn! It’s impossible to imagine this room full of celebrities, used to being the centre of attention and stealing the spotlight everywhere they go to be so enamored with the newest Royal of only two months.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Attend BAFTA Brits To Watch Event
LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 9: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (R) and Jennifer Lopez attend the BAFTA “Brits to Watch” event held at the Belasco Theatre on July 9, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Baron-Pool/Getty Images)

The Tour to Canada was the first time we would really see how much effort the Duchess put into planning her wardrobe and the special touches she adds to her outfits to pay homage to her host country, from the inclusion of Canadian born designer Erdem, to the diamond maple leaf brooch and the red Lock and co maple leaf hat, this thoughtfulness has become a true part of her charm.

My favorite outfit on this tour though would be the Whistles navy and cream crochet top and skirt  that Kate wore on the final day in LA. Simple pieces put perfectly together with complementary jewellery,  Kate simply shone. It’s easy to see why blue is one of her most go to colors.


Approx fourteen months later we were to be treated to another tour, this time in Asia and the South Pacific as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee celebrations. The Duchess was making headlines at the time for more than just the tour, it was at this time french magazine Closer published the now infamous topless photos taken of Kate whilst she was vacationing in France. She was about to wear an outfit on the tour though which would also make front page controversial news! Whilst attending a dinner in the Solomon Islands to celebrate the nations culture, Kate ditched her planned outfit in favour of a beautiful tiered pink bandeau dress that had been left in her hotel room which she believed had been a gift from the local government and was made by a local designer.It turns out however that the dress was by a designer from the Cook islands and had been placed in the room as a private gift by  Kethie Saunders, a local resident who had been chosen to be a part of the Royal couples welcoming committee, who had been let into the Cambridge’s hotel room to leave official gifts of flowers, chocolates and soaps but in a official statement from the Solomons islands government, had ‘smuggled’ in the dress for Kate and a shirt for William. Kate of course looked stunning and despite the gaffe this dress is my favourite outfit she wore on this tour.


Fast forward to April 2014 and we were treated to a  wonderful collection of 24 outfits during the Royal tour to New Zealand and Australia. This tour was highly anticipated world wide as it was the first time the couple would tour as a family with Prince George, who had rarely been seen at that point in Britain but would be undertaking the first of his official Royal engagements and proved to be a delight with each sighting! With so many wonderful outfits it is difficult to choose a favorite however for so many reasons my favorite from this tour would be the white Zimmermann broderie dress Kate wore on good friday when she visited the Royal Easter show and Manly beach.


Next was the mini tour of New York and this time Kate was pregnant with Charlotte and we were all keen to see how she would hold up after being so ill at the start of her pregnancies and how the pregnancy would affect her fashion choices. Kate did not disappoint on this tour when it came to glamour, the first outfit she wore whilst arriving at their New York hotel was the most glamorous, sparkly purple boucle coat from Seraphine maternity paired with an equally glamorous pair of Cornelia James wool gloves with bows at the wrist. I instantly fell in love with this coat and I am sure it was bought all over the world by both pregnant and non pregnant women alike.


The last tour that we were treated to was  earlier this year in India. Kate’s wardrobe choices were more boho then we have previously seen featuring maxi style dresses by local and British designers that featured the bright designs associated with Indian sari’s. My jaw literally dropped to the floor when Kate wore the Temperley jade green dress at her meeting with the Indian Prime Minister in Delhi.

3317515800000578-3535429-image-m-8_1460450858505.jpgThe dress was the most exquisite shade of green and had the most intricate lace and details. Kate had the dress altered from the original Temperley design by inserting modesty panels over the chest area, making the dress an appropriate, fresh and lovely outfit for the occasion. It was lovely to see her using an old favourite LK Bennett clutch, with recycling clothing and accessories being another part of the Duchess’s signature style and charm.

Now that brings us up to the present day with less than 24 hours to go til the Royals arrive in Canada for the first time on tour as a family of four. Whilst we wait to see what new outfits we will add to our list of favourites, what is your favorite outfit Kate has worn on her previous tours?